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Swine Health and Diseases Control

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Program Topics

Module 1 : Swine Health and Diseases Control

Lesson 1 : Principle of Swine Diseases Control

Our purpose is to share with others our years of experience in veterinary medicine and pig production so that we can help others to understand as fully as possible the pig and pig production and control diseases and problems that commonly arise. This module will familiarize the student with fundamental concepts of swine disease. Those who complete this module will be able to understand how and why diseases occur and what can be done to control them by applying these fundamental concepts. This module consists of six submodules.

Topic 1.1 Introduction to Infection and Immunity 
Topic 1.2 Exposure Control and Biosecurity 
Topic 1.3 Disinfectants and principles of disinfection 
Topic 1.4 Environmental control 
Topic 1.5 Appropriate use of Antibiotics/Antimicrobials and Antibiotic Alternatives 
Topic 1.6 Disease Management Strategy for Modern Pig Production 

Lesson 2 : Piglet Enteric Disease ; Diagnosis, Management, and Control

Piglet diarrhea is perhaps the most commonly encountered disease in pig production. However, big farms do not have to tolerate piglet diarrhea problems, and there are technologies available to completely control piglet diarrhea. This module will cover the common causes of piglet diarrhea, their diagnosis, treatment, and prevention in detail.

Topic 2.1 The Piglet Gut in Health and Disease 
Topic 2.2 Common Enteric Diseases of the Pig 
Topic 2.3 Common Sow Problems that appear as Enteritis in the Pig 
Topic 2.4 General Principles of Piglet Enteric Disease Control 
Topic 2.5 Diagnosing Piglet Diarrhea - Introduction to Laboratory Procedures

Lesson 3 : Transboundary and Emerging Diseases of Swine

Transboundary diseases are those that cause generally severe epidemic diseases in pig populations and have been eliminated or never occurred in some geographical regions but in modern times can be spread from their native areas to regions that had not experienced them before with severe consequences on pig health and mortality. The migration of humans and the trade in animal products and animal feedstuffs has become globalized such that transboundary diseases are of significant concern in our time. Emerging diseases are often called new or novel diseases and may arise inside a geographical area without any real contribution from classical transboundary activities.

Topic 3.1 ASF (part 1) 
Topic 3.2 ASF (part 2) 
Topic 3.3 Classical Swine Fever 
Topic 3.4 Pseudorabies
Topic 3.5 PRRS
Topic 3.6 General principles of transboundary disease control

Lesson 4 : Managing the Health of the Sow and Swine Reproduction

It is quite obvious that the production of pigs begins with reproduction and reproduction begins with the sow. Many of our diseases that affect pig production are vertically
transmitted and therefore arise with the sow and are passed to the piglet. There are specific reproductive diseases of swine that can seriously interfere with reproduction. The management of the sow to reduce the impact of potential diseases on reproduction and production will be discussed in several submodules.

Topic 4.1 Selection and Development of the Gilt and Boar 
Topic 4.2 Reproductive problems and management (part 1) 
Topic 4.3 Reproductive problems and management (part 2) 
Topic 4.4 Record keeping, Data analysis and reproduction info 
Topic 4.5 Lactation problems 
Topic 4.6 Reducing piglet mortality


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Dr. E. Wayne Johnson
Senior Consultant and a Swine AgriSchools Facilitator

Wayne Johnson grew up on a grain and livestock farm in rural southern Illinois.  He has degrees in Biology and Veterinary Science and received his DVM from the University of Illinois in 1980.  He has been active in swine production medicine consulting since 1979 and has served customers all over the USA and China, and also in Canada, Brazil, and Vietnam.  He currently is a senior consultant at Enable Ag-Tech, a swine consulting, training, and diagnostic center based at Beijing.


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