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Connect with the Industry

We help you stay connected via organizing your on-site or online events

Event Organization and Management 

Progressus collaborates with your business to :

Launch Products and Build Brands

Strengthen Relations with your clients

Align with your target audiences

100% focus at the Agriculture, Livestock and Aquaculture Markets. Our Trainers work exclusively in these industries.

100% customized to meet your business objectives. Complete focus on delivering measurable outcomes – strategy, sales and profit!

100% customized to meet your employee’s needs. Including actual case studies mirroring real situations.

Our Expertises

Corporate Meetings

a highly challenging program for experienced sales professionals designed to develop questioning and negotiation skills in a competitive environment

Creative and Development Services for Traditional and Digital Marketing Campaigns

Designed specifically for managers to develop their people management and leadership skills to maximize team results including DISC, situational leadership, managing conflict and performance evaluation


Understanding how to continuously develop sales to the same key account at each operational level of their organization – a specialized skill is required to get this right

Information Sharing and Networking

establishing customer service standards in order to meet customers’ expectations through professional conduct, objection handling and conflict avoidance

Seminars and Conference Organization and Execution

 Advanced consultant operating workshops for individuals and teams to enhance understanding of customers and how to adjust communication approaches accordingly

Let's find ways to help you stay connected with the industry

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