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In-Pond Raceway System

A fish farming technology to increase fish production from the same land without increased water use and produces fish profitability in environmentally sustainable manner. As such, IPRS is now quickly gaining a lot of interest from the industry and a worldwide acceptance. China and Vietnam are amongst the leading adopters of the IPRS technology

What You will Learn

IPRS Planning and Design

IPRS Construction and Operation

IPRS Farm Management

IPRS Best Practices and Operational Tips

Feed and Feeding Practices for IPRS

Key Learning

Day 1


  • Overview of aquaculture and its importance to a growing world population

  • Aquaculture’s global challenges, opportunities, future trends, sustainability & responsibility as an industry

  • Aqua feed nutrition improvement, species nutrient requirement, raw materials, feed characteristics

Day 2


  • Modern aqua feed manufacturing for fish & shrimp feeds

  • Complete process & equipment required

  • Feed additives & feed ingredients (e.g., fats, animal proteins, plant proteins, digestibility of feed ingredient)

  • Current trends in development of fish feed

  • Functional feed & feed strategies 

Day 3

The fundamentals of Extrusion and Drying

  • Feed formulation

  • Nutrition of seabass, Pangasius, And Crustaceans

  • Conditional Nutrient Requirements and how it changes with disease & environment

  • Misconceptions & news around aquaculture: origins & reasons

Program Schedule

Program Dates : To be advice
Cost : USD $2,000 *

Application Deadline: To be advice

* Cost includes meals and coffee breaks during training, excludes flight tickets, and hotel 


Talk to our team members about which program suite your needs

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