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Aqua Nutrition

Comprehensive course that covers all the fundamentals of fish and shrimp nutrition, the range of feed ingredients to be considered and why, along with useful insights for application to various Asian species

What You will Learn

Nutrient Requirements

Manufacturing, Nutrition & Ingredients

Ingredient Assessment & Feeding Strategies 

Farm Tour & Group Exercises

Formulations & Satisfying Customer Demands

Key Learning

Day 1

Aquaculture and Feed Trends for Sustainable Farming

​Explore the future trends in aquaculture practices and feeds. Understand the characteristics of shrimp and fish feeds, and delve into the nutrient requirements of farmed aquatic animals. This includes basic concepts in aqua-nutrition, protein and amino acids, lipids and fatty acids, carbohydrates and energy, vitamins and minerals, potential nutrients, and nutrient interactions. Learn about conditional nutrient requirements, signs of nutrient deficiency, infection, disease, immunity, and stress. Additionally, discover functional feeds that support optimal growth and health.

  • Aquaculture and aquaculture feeds, now and in the future   

  • Understanding the nutrient requirements of farmed aquatic animals

  • Conditional nutrient requirements    

  • Functional Feeds 

Innovative Ingredients and Formulation Techniques

Day 2

Dive into ingredients used in aqua feeds, including animal and plant proteins, novel ingredients like bacteria, insects, algae, and fermented by-products, as well as fats and oils. Learn about the current status of fish oil use in aqua feeds, fish oil alternatives, saturated, monounsaturated, and unsaturated fatty acids, omega-6 and omega-3 PUFA-rich plant oils, terrestrial animal fats, GMO plant oils, and algal oils. Understand anti-nutrients and digestibility, including anti-nutritional factors in plant ingredients and digestibility of feed ingredients. Explore growth models, current trends in aqua feed development for fish and shrimp, crustacean nutrient requirements, species differences, age class, maturation, broodstock, and genetic improvement needs.

  • Ingredients: Proteins

  • Ingredients: Fats and Oils

  • Anti-nutrients and digestibility

  • Aqua nutrition Growth models

  • Current trends in the development of aqua feeds: Fish and Shrimp

  • Nutrition for Crustaceans

  • Asian Seabass Nutrition

Day 3

Species-specific Nutrition and Formulation Strategies

Focus on the nutrient requirements of important fish species like Asian seabass, tilapia, and Pangasius catfish. Learn about aqua feed formulation, including formulating for extrusion vs. pelleting. Understand stress and the stress response in aquaculture, stressors, nutritional mediation of the stress response, and managing stress with feeds and functional ingredients. Participate in a Quality Control Assurance Workshop and learn about experimental design for feed R&D, including digestibility, methods, procedures, and statistics. Gain an overview of the USSEC Asian aquaculture feed formulation database.

  • Tilapia Nutrition

  • Pangasius Nutrition

  • Aqua Feed formulation and Aqua Feed Manufacturing

  • Stress and the Stress Response

  • Quality Control Assurance Workshop

  • Principles of Experimental Design

  • International aquaculture feed formulation database (IAFFD) overview

Advanced Feed Formulation and Feeding Strategies

Day 4

Engage in a feed formulation workshop, including feed formulation software, basics of using least-cost formulation programs, and examples for demonstration. Discuss fish and shrimp feed formulation, and participate in work time and group discussions. Learn about feeding strategies, general feeding intake issues, environmental impacts like oxygen, salinity, temperature, and feeding practices for fish and shrimp.

  • Feed Formulation Workshop

  • Feeding Strategies

Program Schedule

*Cost includes meals and coffee breaks during training, excludes VAT, flight tickets, and hotel 

Program Dates : July 16 - 19, 2024
Cost : USD $1,800 *

Application Deadline: June 28
Location: Mövenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15 Bangkok, Thailand

Talk to our team members about which program suite your needs

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