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Broiler Management

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All you need to know about the practical aspects of modern broiler flock management. Starting from how the integrated supply chain should work, to the different types of farming systems and through to catching and digital data acquisition and information processing. Each module of the AgriSchool program explores, in detail, the theory behind good husbandry practices and links them with practical examples to implement on farms.

What You will Learn

     Attendees should finish this course with an excellent understanding of the theory and practical implementation of broiler management. The knowledge gained on this course will enable attendees to implement changes as needed, to improve performance, and allows attendees to practice during the course prior to implementation. Attendees will leave with best-practice management techniques promoting good welfare and sustainable production. This course covers all areas of broiler management from the basics to more advanced levels and would also be of benefit if you are a professional that values the opportunity to refresh your knowledge. Above all, you will most benefit from this course if you have an interest in bettering your current broiler management and production practices and you are open to learning! 

Day 1

Foundational Principles of Broiler Farming

Embark on the first day of our immersive program as we unravel the intricacies of broiler farming. Explore the entire supply chain, decipher the key points of effective broiler management, and gain a profound understanding of the essential role biosecurity plays in ensuring a healthy and secure environment for your flock.

  • Understanding the Supply Chain – how the whole supply chain interacts with each individual part and the economics involved

  • Key Points of Broiler Management

  • Understanding Biosecurity  - an in-depth overview of this essential part of broiler farming

  • Structural Biosecurity – how to structure builds to be most bio-secure

  • Cleaning and Disinfection – best practice for optimum cleaning and disinfection of houses and farms

  • Basic Broiler Nutrition

Brooding Mastery and Farm Data Insights

Day 2

Dive into the practice and theory behind best practices in brooding management. Learn the art of post-brooding management, understand the significance of weighing for both the farm and processing plant, and delve into the world of farm data interpretation, where you'll gain insights into broiler economics.

  • Brooding Management  - practice and theory behind best practice brooding management 

  • Management from 7 days – post-brooding management

  • Weighing – understanding the importance of weighing for the farm and the processing plant

    How to use data effectively & Broiler Economics - learn how to interpret the data you collect and understand it while gaining an insight into how to make (and lose) money at farm level

  • How to use Data – interpreting the data you record and how to use it

Day 3

Practical Insights Through Farm Visits

Step out into the field as we virtually visit a broiler farm. Engage in practical sessions to master the art of ventilation throughout the broiler's life, understanding best practices that ensure optimal air quality and flock well-being.

  • Ventilation

  • Farm Practices

  • Housing Observations

Post-Mortem, Vaccination, and Farm Design

Day 4

  • Understanding the importance of vaccination and how to develop an effective vaccination program

  • Explore  and gain an understanding into gut health through a post-mortem examination

  • Catching - best practices and understanding the Impact to your flock

  • Poultry House and Farm Design – simple farm design and understanding the standard requirements for new builds

Understand the importance of vaccination and develop effective vaccination programs. Gain insights into gut health through post-mortem examinations, learn best practices for catching, and explore poultry house and farm design principles.

Program Schedule

Program Dates: March 5 - 8, 2024
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Application Deadline: February 25, 2024

Early Bird Rate


Register by December 2023

to get this rate.

January Special


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Standard Rate


If you register from February 1, 2024 until close you will get this rate.

* Cost includes meals and coffee breaks during training, excludes VAT, flight tickets, and hotel 


Meet the course trainers


Michael Longley

Managing Consultant,
Food Chain Enterprises

Dr. Jorge Villa.png

Dr. Jorge Villa 

Regional Technical Services, Veterinarian, Aviagen Asia Pacific 

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Glenn Bushell

Technical Consultant 

4. Yiannis Christodoulou.jpg

Yiannis Christodoulou

Managing Director

Athene Consulting

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