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1.    I have an inquiry. How do I get in contact with you?

Select any one of the below that suites you best and our team will be with you right away


For English / Thai / Vietnamese / Greek / Spanish /Support 


Social media:   @AgriSchools [Twitter]   or   ProgressusAgriSchools [Facebook]

Phone Number:   +66 2 653 1148  

For Chinese / English Support team









2.    What is the language used to deliver the course and its material

(a)    The primary language used in the material, presentations and videos is English language

(b)    All video presentations contain English, or Chinese subtitle. 
(c)    The OSTIS team is planning for all the material to be translated to a number of different languages including Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Spanish.  

3.    Can I have a demo of the course?

YES. Please contact us for a demo video. Demo video is included in this website. you are welcome to view. If you require further information please do contact one of our representative via the contact details provided above.

4.    I would like to sponsor a large group of my customers to take this course. is it possible and how do I proceed

Yes. As a matter of fact, many of our direct clients are companies that purchase volume seats and allocate those across their customer base. If you wish to do so, please do contact us directly at and we will attend you right away. 

5.    Can my company become an official sponsor of a Module?

YES. We encourage and embrace collaborations and we will be happy to discuss this with you. Please reach out to us at and we will be happy to share with you our sponsorship packages

6.    Will there be a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course

(a)    YES. Certificate of Completion will be provided automatically to attendees that complete the whole program or a full module. There will be no certificate for attendance of individual lessons
(b)    Attendees need to complete all the relevant assessments provided at the end of each module with a minimum of 80% pass in order to obtain the certificate
(c)    Certificate of Completion are issued by the OSTIS team [Progressus and Enable AgTech]
(d)    Currently there is no official accreditation by a university or any other 3rd party organization for this course. If you are a university or an organization that would like to accredit our material, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you.

7.    Are there any alternative payments methods other than the choices offered at the registration side?

YES. Payment via bank transfer is possible, however, this will attract an extra administration fee of US$50 for single registration or US$250 for group registrations

8.    Can I get access to the training modules and paid at a later day

Only fully paid registration will be provided with an entry code to access the training

9.    How to I register  

(a)    You can register for any available module of the course at any time through this link.
(b)    Opening days for the various modules will be announce periodically and in advance. You can register your interest on receiving our opening dates [click here] or by following us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Module dates will also be announced in advance on our dedicated OSTIS registration and information site.

10.    Once I register for a module, how long do I have to complete it

You will need to complete the module within 3 months commencing from the day that the module has opened

11.    Can I extend the learning period over its official 3 months period?

No. You may however re-register and continue the module next time it opens again

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