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Online Launch Event ! Online Swine Training International School (OSTIS)

November 24, 2020, Progressus and Enable Agriculture launched an online learning platform for the Swine industry OSTIS (Online Swine Training International Schhol). The Online Swine Training International School (OSTIS) provides every participant with up-to-date practical learning experiences and vital information in a wide range of technical topics that are essential to succeeding in today’s pig production industry.

The OSTIS program is hosted online and consist of a library of pre-recorded deliveries on topics assigned to 3 main modules covering (1) Swine health, (2) Swine nutrition and (3) Swine Farming and Production. The first module on Swine Health will become available on the learning platform on December 1, 2020. Please visit for more information.

Informative, and engaging session

During the live session, Yiannis Christodoulou, Managing Director at Athene Consulting provided updates on this newly developed learning platform, objectives, and directions for OSTIS project. Dr. E. Wayne Johnson, Founder of Enable Agriculture provided an overview of OSTIS educational topics, materials, and shown an example of a video record on one of the topic from OSTIS Module 1 : Swine Health | Topic 2.2 Common Enteric Diseases of Piglet.

Dr. Qiao Qingyan from Enable Agriculture brief lectured on "an Update on the Status of the Chinese Swine Industry". Toward the end of the live event, facilitators were taking questions from participants. There were both questions about OSTIS, as well as technical questions regarding swine production.

Schedule for OSTIS

OSTIS is an On-Demand Learning platform. You will be able to study at your own peace anywhere, anytime. The following is a schedule for our first module.

If you are interesting to enroll in the program, please visit for more information, or contact

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