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What previous participant says about the IN-POND RACEWAY SYSTEM (IPRS) Agrischools On-Demand Course?

One of the relatively new and promising farming methods that could potentially support the industry’s move towards intense and sustainable production of seafood is the In-Pond Raceway System farming method.

Progressus AgriSchools offers an IN-POND RACEWAY SYSTEM (IPRS) On-Demand Self-Study eLearning Short Course for all that are interested to learn about IPRS technology. This course has been developed in collaboration between U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) and Progressus®.

Mr.Syed Fardos Murad participated in this course. Let's hear what he thinks about the course.

Find out more about IPRS On-Demand Self-Study eLearning Short Course at:

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