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What is In-Pond Raceway System (IPRS) ?

One of the relatively new and promising farming methods that could potentially support the industry’s move towards intense and sustainable production of sea food is the In-Pond Raceway System farming method.

The principle of the IPRS is to concentrate fish in raceways within a pond and provide them with constant water circulation to maintain optimal water quality and to improve feed management. Additionally, IPRS has the potential to reduce solid waste loading in the pond by concentrating and removing it from the downstream end of raceway units.

IPRS has been gaining popularity over that last few year as it shown promising field results.


  • Improved per cubic meter fish production

  • Reduced production cost per unit of fish produced

  • Improved feed conversion ratios and feeding efficiency

  • Easier fish health management and production operation

  • Staggered stocking and harvest; culturing different species in different raceways, minimizing market-price risk.

  • 100 percent fish harvest rate without discharge of water from the pond

  • Zero water discharge for environmental protection and sustainability of natural resources

Progressus AgriSchools offers an On-Demand online IPRS course for all that interested to learn about IPRS technology. Please visit for more information.

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