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Event on spotlight : 1st Regional IPRS ( IN POND RACEWAY SYSTEM) Introductory Virtual Meeting

One of the relatively new and promising farming methods that could potentially support the industry’s move towards intense and sustainable production of sea food is the In-Pond Raceway System farming method. ​The principle of the IPRS is to concentrate fish in raceways within a pond and provide them with constant water circulation to maintain optimal water quality and to improve feed management. Additionally, IPRS has the potential to reduce solid waste loading in the pond by concentrating and removing it from the downstream end of raceway units. IPRS has been gaining popularity over that last few year as it shown promising field results.

This online event is focused on providing a high level overview of the IPRS system and aims to expose forward-thinking fish farmers on the benefits of it as well as to inform the strategies required to successfully implement IPRS farming technology.

Event highlight topics:

- Introduction to IPRS technology

- Is IPRS the right system for me?

- Basic Principles of IPRS System

- Advancements on adaptation of IPRS for marine culture

- Live Q&A with key USSEC contractors

Date & Time : Jan 26, 2021 02:00 PM in Bangkok

Duration : 3.5 Hours

Event Registration link :

The material provided through this event are an extract from a full online course on IPRS. This course has been developed in collaboration between U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) and Progressus®. How to access the full course will also be discussed during the event.

This is 4 hours online event with English audio and simultaneous Turkish language translation. Participants will have the option to listen to English or Turkish language. The presentation material will be in English language.

Find out more about IPRS On-Demand Training at :

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