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Looking for New Year Resolution for yourself, or a gift for your client?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

In 2020, the Online Milling School has played a significant role on helping the development of livestock milling professional all around the world. In 2021, the Online Milling School remains to be dedicated to this mission.

Kickstart the year by offering your clients and staff a subscription to the 2021 Online Milling Schools! What a nice way to demonstrate your appreciation and commitment to your staff and the milling community overall!

The first session of 2021 Online Milling School is around the corner and will go live on the 13th of January at 2pm GST+7 or 8am CET. This session, session number 4 of the Winter edition of Online Milling School, is all about Mixing Operations. During the 2 hours of the session, industry experts will be getting into the details of what is required in order to consistently produce feeds that meet the feed formula specifications. The session will highlight the importance of achieving a homogeneous mixture within a specified time while allowing for the sequential addition of raw materials, micro ingredients and liquids as well as take a look at the various types of mixers and their influence on mixture homogeneity, cross contamination and carryover prevention."

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