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New Topic ! for Online Milling School Winter 2020 : Quality Assurance and Quality Control

This week we look at standards for quality assurance and quality control procedures that assure consistent product quality and safety are reviewed. This includes written procedures, records, and audits. The importance and availability of testing equipment and lab procedures that support consistent delivery of quality feeds is highlighted. The requirements for traceability, product recall procedures.

This session OMS is honored to have, Neal Cass, Sales Manager at Hydronix as a spekaer on the importance of moisture control and measurement throughout the milling process. This is an updated topic for Online Milling School Winter 2020 edition. You will learn:

  1. Why do you need to measure moisture? What effect does it have on the grain and feed?

  2. Where do you typically measure moisture?

  3. Which methods are used to measure moisture?

  4. How do you control moisture?

This is a live webinar, follow with live Q&A at the end of the session.

Date : 24 February, 2021

Time : 2 PM (ICT, UTC +7, Bangkok time), 8 AM Central European Time

More information about Online Milling School :

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